W3bFlow Marketing Proporal

Hype3Wear, LLC


Proposal for Profit Sharing Agreement between Hype3Wear and W3bFlow


We are excited to explore a potential partnership with W3bFlow that promises mutual growth and profitability. 

  1. Overview:

 Hype3Wear seeks to establish a profit-sharing partnership with W3bFlow to boost sales and visibility of our products. We propose a revenue-sharing model based on a discount code program, which will provide your users with a 10% discount on the retail price of our wearables when they shop at our online store, located at hype3wear.art/hype3wear.com. For each item sold using this discount code, W3bFlow will receive a share of the profit. 

  1. Profit Sharing Details:

 For each purchase made using the discount code provided by W3bFlow, we will pay W3bFlow a commission of $6.00 USD per item sold. Payments will be calculated and distributed on a regular basis, biwweekly or monthly, as agreed upon. Sales data and transaction reports will be provided to W3bFlow for transparency and tracking using online access to Shopify Analytics specific to Discount code. Hype3Wear will handle all aspects of order processing, customer service, and shipping, ensuring a seamless experience for your users.

  1. Benefits of the Partnership:

 Revenue Growth: By offering a 10% discount on our products, you can attract more consumers and leverage the discount as value added to your community and increase their loyalty to your brand. Passive Income: W3bFlow stands to gain a commission on each sale, providing a steady stream of passive income. Enhanced User Experience: Your users will benefit from discounted access to premium wearables, enhancing their overall experience with your brand.  Lastly, you can utilize AR activations for unique TAP📳 redirects or displaying your digital intellectual property in Mixed Reality, potentially monetizing existing brand partnerships and generating additional income streams.

  1. Terms and Conditions:

 The terms and conditions of this profit-sharing agreement, including payment schedules, reporting mechanisms, and the duration of the partnership, will be subject to negotiation and will be outlined in a formal contract once both parties are in agreement. 

  1. Next Steps:

We believe that this partnership has the potential to be mutually beneficial, and we are eager to discuss the details further. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have and to explore how we can tailor this proposal to align with your specific goals and requirements. We kindly request a follow-up discussion to explore the possibilities and finalize the terms of our profit-sharing agreement.