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Hype3Wear is a lifestyle brand leading the charge in the Decentralized Web revolution. In this crazy world, our data is held hostage, and our creative expression is dictated by others. But not anymore!

We're here to empower you, our amazing community, with handpicked personal branding pieces that scream individuality. We're all about creating mind-blowing experiences that'll make your heart race and giving you full ownership of your style. Our fearless founders are fueled by their obsession with merging blockchain tech into your everyday life, building bridges between the digital and physical realms.

So, it's time to ditch the ordinary and embrace your true self. Join our movement, and let's be the solution together! We're all about breaking boundaries, and we can't wait to have you on board. Get ready to unleash your inner hypebeast with Hype3Wear! 👨🏽‍🎨

Check out our NFC-Enabled Patch Demo on the Updates page for details about the UTILITY.


Wearable "Drip"

Introducing "Drip," a unique and innovative collaboration brought to you by Hype3Wear... 


Embroidered Artistic Expressions inspired by NFT Collections,  Wearable Art is the utility.(NFC📶) 

  • PatchNodes

    Collection of wearables embellished with rayon and silk embroidery nodes representing Digital Assets. They are equipped with NFC📶 chips for additional utility

  • OffMrkt Ave X Vintage

    Apparels, Wearables and Home Goods designed by OffMrkt Ave and Hype3Wear's creative team.

    🎒Back To School Drop 8/25!🚸 
  • Multiverse Activations

    Take a step into the Meta


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    Find Your Digital Oasis! 
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