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"Shilling"- Premium Kids AR Tee

"Shilling"- Premium Kids AR Tee

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Shilling The Halving - Click Here to ❌❌

Limited Edition Premium AR Tee embellished with Digital Print of Rejects: Clay Edition #441 and NFC Tap 📳.  Authentication chip for collectors.

Click on 3D Render to see in Mixed Reality powered by Google. 

Pouchon, the Solana Maxi, is buzzing with excitement as the halving draws near. For him, it's like the crypto world's version of a blockbuster event, where scarcity becomes the ultimate power-up on Solana's massive blockchain. It's all about that feeling when a sharp stone meets steel, amplifying the strength of each swing. With the halving on the horizon, Pouchon's got his eyes set on scoring some "runestones," ready to ride the wave of intensified crypto potential and see where it takes him in this wild digital adventure.🐒

Tap📳to activate NFC Portal.  Access to Migration Media Toolkit and latest news on DeFI, AI, CryptoNews and Decentralized Web. See PatchNodes and PrintNodes Updates tap for details.


Embroidery Patch of Cash2Crypto

Made of Isacord Imported Threads on Black Denim Canva - Heat activated, permanent bond that withstands repeated washing to adhere to garments and apparels

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3.89" x 2.95"

Care Instructions

Machine Washable on Cold Gentle Cycle

Preferred Dry Cleaning to extent use

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Patch Collage

Custom NFC Patchwork

Hype3Wear Whales access token-gated services to create up to a 4"by 4" Embroidery Patch equipped with Hype3Wear's NFC Compas

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