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"FUD"- Premium Kids AR Tee

"FUD"- Premium Kids AR Tee

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FUD!  Can the Devs Do Somethin'?

Limited Edition Premium AR Tee embellished with Digital Print of Solana Bunnies #2582 and NFC Tap 📳.  Authentication chip for collectors.

Click on 3D Render to see in Mixed Reality powered by Google. 

Lionel Lougarou, hailing from the dynamic Solana blockchain, embraces the roller coaster nature of crypto trading by embarking on a real-life adventure to Cedar Point, renowned for its exhilarating coasters. While digital degens ride the ups and downs of the virtual market, Lionel opts for a different kind of thrill, conquering his fears and embracing the adrenaline rush of riding roller coasters in the physical realm. As he hurtles through loops and twists, Lionel finds liberation from the stress of crypto volatility, embracing the thrill of the moment and reveling in the joy of living life to the fullest. In the heart of Cedar Point, amidst the screams of delight and the rush of wind, Lionel discovers a sense of freedom that transcends the digital confines of the blockchain, reminding him that sometimes, the greatest adventures are found beyond the screen.🎢

Tap📳to activate NFC Portal.  Access to Migration Media Toolkit and latest news on DeFI, AI, CryptoNews and Decentralized Web. See PatchNodes and PrintNodes Updates tap for details.


Embroidery Patch of Cash2Crypto

Made of Isacord Imported Threads on Black Denim Canva - Heat activated, permanent bond that withstands repeated washing to adhere to garments and apparels

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3.89" x 2.95"

Care Instructions

Machine Washable on Cold Gentle Cycle

Preferred Dry Cleaning to extent use

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