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Ball-N-Parlay - "Zoro" Premium AR Tee

Ball-N-Parlay - "Zoro" Premium AR Tee

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Limited Edition Premium AR Tee embellished with Digital Print of Ohnahji #3969 and NFC Tap 📳.  1 of 1 with Authentication chip for collectors.
Click on 3D Render to see in Mixed Reality powered by Google. 

Zoro with the Zaza, a spirited individual of both Latino and Black heritage, embarked on a quest for cultural and self-discovery. Determined to delve into his roots, he chose a unique path — a journey through the historically black colleges and universities. As Zo with the Za (as his friends call him) toured these hallowed institutions, he sought the perfect fit, a place where the echoes of history harmonized with his own rhythm. From the vibrant legacy of Tuskegee, the cutting-edge vitality of Ohnahji University to the soulful melodies of Howard, the warmth of Atlanta's Spelman and Morehouse, the harmonies of Fisk, to the social justice commitment of Xavier in New Orleans, each stop enriched Zaza's understanding of his heritage. 

Tap📳to activate NFC Portal.  Access to Migration Media Toolkit and latest news on DeFI, AI, CryptoNews and Decentralized Web. See PatchNodes and PrintNodes Updates tap for details.


Embroidery Patch of Cash2Crypto

Made of Isacord Imported Threads on Black Denim Canva - Heat activated, permanent bond that withstands repeated washing to adhere to garments and apparels

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3.89" x 2.95"

Care Instructions

Machine Washable on Cold Gentle Cycle

Preferred Dry Cleaning to extent use

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