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B-Side Rave Gear YKWU Claim

B-Side Rave Gear YKWU Claim

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Welcome to the Hype3 experience.  Please Click on the Perks Button on your bottom right and Connect your wallet to access Claim.  Once you complete token verification, please select VRM variation and add to cart.  Token Ownership will cover the cost of 1 claim.  Download your VRM from the Checkout page and enjoy owning a piece of BSide Rave Gear history.
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3D VRM is compatible with most Metas like onCyber and Spacial.

Hype3Wear Whales access token-gated services to create up to a 4"by 4" Embroidery Patch equipped with Hype3Wear's NFC Compas

  • Downloadable after Token Verification

    Click on the Perks Inside Button at your bottom right and Connect you Wallet to verify ownership of the Bside Rave Gear YKWU Token.

  • Visit Digital Activations.

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