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Bulk Order Wearables 📶 🖼️ - Hats, Bags and Wall Art

Bulk Order Wearables 📶 🖼️ - Hats, Bags and Wall Art

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Drip Kit

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Dive into the future of personal expression with our Custom PFP Shop! 🎨✨ We transform your digital assets, whether it's Digital IPs, NFTs, or more, into exquisite embroidery patches equipped with NFC chips. But here's where it gets exciting: we've fortified our patches with state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption and authentication protocols.

Your security is our top priority, ensuring that your digital identity remains intact and tamper-proof. No more worries about easily altered QR codes – we're looking at you! Imagine tapping your patch and instantly opening portals to web links, geolocations, data packets, mobile app downloads, and Dapps – all protected by the most advanced security measures. It’s not just about patches; it's about effortless exploration and boundless creativity with unshakable peace of mind.

Your ideas, your world, securely at your fingertips. Experience the magic of frictionless connectivity and unbreakable security! 🌐🔒✨ #CustomPFPRevolution #SecureConnections #EmbroideryMagic"

Drip Kit Est. Delivery Description
Custom Fitted PatchNode📶 🖼️ 3 to 5 days Can be adhered to garment using Industrial Heat Activated Fusible Adhesive and borders satin stiches for security. 
Wall Art PFP PatchNode📶 🖼️ 3 to 5 days Floating Picture Frame
Canvas Tote + PatchNode 📶 🖼️ 5 to 7 days Military Grade Canvas
Trucker Hat 📶 🖼️ 3 to 5 days Foam Front Trucker
Retro Washed Hat + PatchNode📶 🖼️ 3 to 5 days Potassium Washed Hat
Bucket Hat + PatchNode📶 🖼️ 3 to 5 days Denim or Corduroy Bucket
Corduroy Hat + PatchNode📶 🖼️ 3 - 5 days Standard and Elephant Corduroy

*📶 - Item embedded with NFC Chip.  Functions as frictionless portal.

*🖼️ - Item grants access to Mixed Reality Gallery


Embroidery Patch of Ohnahji #4039

Made of Isacord Imported Threads on Black Denim Canva - Heat activated, permanent bond that withstands repeated washing to adhere to garments and apparels

Shipping & Returns

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4" x 3.56"

Care Instructions

Machine Washable

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Patch Collage

Custom NFC Patchwork

Hype3Wear Whales access token-gated services to create up to a 4"by 4" Embroidery Patch equipped with Hype3Wear's NFC Compas

  • Delivered to private wallet

    No exchange fees - True P2P

  • Visit Digital Activation

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