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"Gold on the Leaves" AR Hoodie

"Gold on the Leaves" AR Hoodie

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Premium Hoodie embellished with Embroidery PatchNode of Orgnls #41761 by Sabet - 
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Enter the world of "Gold on the Leaves" from the Orgnls by Sabet collection, where a young boy discovers the potent magic of self-belief. Inspired by the collection's artistic vibes, this kid is all about embracing his uniqueness and staying true, even when the world throws shade. Picture him, navigating life like a chill maestro, turning setbacks into comebacks with that golden confidence. It's not just about the leaves, man, it's about the journey, the growth, and that shimmering self-love. Kick back, vibe with the golden leaves, and let this kid teach you the art of believing in yourself when the world tries to play you.

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An embroidery patch is a work of art that fits in the palm of your hand. It's a miniature masterpiece crafted with intricate stitches, vibrant threads, and meticulous attention to detail. Each patch is a unique expression of creativity and individuality, serving as a wearable canvas for personal expression and style.


Embroidery Patch of Cash2Crypto

Made of Isacord Imported Threads on Black Denim Canva - Heat activated, permanent bond that withstands repeated washing to adhere to garments and apparels

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3.89" x 2.95"

Care Instructions

Machine Washable on Cold Gentle Cycle

Preferred Dry Cleaning to extent use

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