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"Monkes stand TOGETHER!" Corduroy Hat

"Monkes stand TOGETHER!" Corduroy Hat

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Corduroy Hat embellished with PatchNodes -  Big Brain Reject

Wen our frens are down, we're there to have their BACK!

Equipped with NFC(📶) Chip activated by mobile device Tap📳 to open frictionless portals to Augmented Reality experiences.  

An embroidery patch is a work of art that fits in the palm of your hand. It's a miniature masterpiece crafted with intricate stitches, vibrant threads, and meticulous attention to detail. Each patch is a unique expression of creativity and individuality, serving as a wearable canvas for personal expression and style.


Embroidery Patch of Solana Monke Rejects

Made of Isacord Imported Threads on Black Denim Canva - Heat activated, permanent bond that withstands repeated washing to adhere to garments and apparels

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4" x 3.56"

Care Instructions

Machine Washable

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Solana Monke Rejects

Find Solana Monke Rejects displayed in our Members Lounge on OnCyber

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All features of Reject NFTs were lovingly created in Blender, then randomly generated to create
completely unique pieces of 3D artwork.


Each monke has nine attribute types, with a total of 261 different attributes. Among the 6000-piece collection, there are also fourteen 1-of-1 pieces. Attributes from the collection were fully assembled as renders, without the use of 2D / raster manipulation, then captured as 2560 x 2560 PNG files.

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